Civil Service Commission

Fairlawn Charter Article XIII Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission has the power and authority to create Civil Service Rules and Regulations for the City of Fairlawn that supersede any conflicting State Civil Service laws in the areas contained within those rules.

Some of the powers and duties of the Civil Service Commission are as follows:

  • Hear appeals of employees in the classified service from job abolishment, layoff, suspension without pay, discharge, or demotion, except as provided otherwise in a collective bargaining agreement;
  • Adopt and implement rules and regulations relating to the classified civil service, the procedure of the Commission, and the jurisdiction of the Commission;
  • Assure that all competitive and non-competitive examinations are prepared, conducted, and graded in the prescribed manner for positions in the classified service;
  • Review and approve eligibility lists containing the names of persons qualified for appointment to positions in the classified service;
  • Review and approve Position Descriptions descriptive of duties, responsibilities, requirements, and desirable qualifications;
  • Prepare, continue, and keep in the Office of the Commission a complete roster of all persons in the classified service; and
  • Make investigations concerning all matters touching the enforcement and effect of the rules of the Commission.