Law Department


Primarily, the Law Director is the legal adviser, attorney, and counsel for the City of Fairlawn in matters relating to its officer's and division's official duties. The Law Director represents the City in all suits and matters in which the City is a party and prosecutes offenses against the ordinances of the City and the laws of the State of Ohio.

Further, the Law Director prepares and/or reviews all legislation, contracts, bonds and other instruments in which the City is concerned and endorses on each his approval of the form and correctness.

Finally, the Law Director performs such other duties as the Mayor or Council may require consistent with the office.


  • Law Director
  • Counsel to the City
  • Prosecutors
  • Special counsel representing the City regarding specific litigation and projects
  • Executive Assistant, who is also the Clerk of Council
  • Administrative Assistant, who is also the Deputy Clerk of Council