Zoning, Housing & Residential Building


Safe and proper construction of buildings is rarely on your mind when you enter a home or building. Fortunately, the staff of this department thinks about building safety and fire prevention every day. The Building & Zoning Code regulations in Fairlawn help to ensure that buildings are as safe as possible. The codes address all aspects of construction including structural integrity; electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems; energy efficiency and property maintenance.

One of the critical roles of the Department is to receive applications for new developments or redevelopments within the City. The Department reviews the plans according to code and issues code review letters to either the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals. The Planning Commission is tasked with either approving or denying the application for development and the Board of Zoning Appeals is tasked with approving or denying any requested variances from City code for proposed development.

Additionally, this department enforces an exterior property maintenance code in order to enhance the public welfare of the City of Fairlawn by enforcing minimum property maintenance standards which help to prevent properties from becoming a negative influence on our neighborhoods.