Residential Rental Information

The City has adopted Ordinance 2014-73S which requires mandatory landlord licensing for all rental dwelling properties, excluding owner occupied duplexes and triplexes. Failure of an owner to obtain a license will result in the forfeiture of all rental income in the City. In order to maintain a license in good standing the owner must apply for a license and meet the following criteria:

  1. Certify that no property maintenance violations exist or provide a reasonable plan for bringing the rental property into compliance.
  2. May not be delinquent on any taxes or special assessments.
  3. Certify that tenants are required to sign written lease agreements and provide a specimen copy of the lease agreement.
  4. Agree to make any necessary repairs to remedy any violation orders received from the City.
  5. Agree to take actions necessary to abate any Criminal Activity Nuisance as defined by Chapter 680 of the Fairlawn Codified Ordinances.
  6. The license holder will designate a responsible party that has a valid mailing address in Summit County or any contiguous County.

The intent of the code is to assure safe and sanitary housing for the citizens of Fairlawn and to strengthen the City's ability to enforce the Property Maintenance Code.

In addition, Fairlawn City Council passed Ordinance 2014-74S which regulates the inspection requirements of all residential rental property in the City. This ordinance grants the Building, Zoning & Housing Department the authority to inspect properties and to obtain administrative search warrants if right of entry is denied. Additionally, this ordinance requires the City to perform mandatory inspections of rental dwelling units if two or more notices of violation are issued to the same property within a two year period. The mandatory inspections will be conducted over a period of three years on a semi-annual basis and a $100 inspection fee will be charged per inspection.

If you are a tenant and have any concerns or questions regarding the maintenance of your rental dwelling unit, please contact the Department at 330-668-9500. The Fairlawn Housing Code gives you the right to request that the City conduct an inspection of any dwelling unit or building being leased or rented to such tenant or occupant in order to determine whether the property is in compliance with the requirements of the City of Fairlawn's building, housing maintenance, and property maintenance codes, and any other laws and regulations relating to dwelling units in the City of Fairlawn Codified Ordinances. If requested, the tenant or occupant shall contact the City's Zoning, Housing, and Residential Building Commissioner, or his designee, to schedule an inspection.

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