What is the neighborhood inspection program?
Fairlawn City Council enacted Part Fifteen: Property Maintenance Code in which is Title II: Housing Maintenance Code requiring the implementation of a Neighborhood Inspection Program.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Inspection Program is:

1. To enhance public welfare by establishing minimum standards governing the maintenance, appearance, and exterior condition of all residential dwelling units throughout the City in order to ensure that all dwelling units are suitable for habitation and beneficial to the public welfare.
2. To establish minimum standards for exterior property areas so that these areas do not constitute a negative influence on the neighborhood.
3. To protect property values and to maintain the character and appearance of the community.

This program is administered by the Zoning, Housing, and Residential Building Department. Housing inspectors will conduct inspections from the city streets by walking down each street within the program area for that particular year.

If an inspection reveals any violation of the Property Management Code, a Housing Inspector will present the owner with a violation order. The order will list the violations and will provide a reasonable time frame to make corrections. Orders will either be delivered in person or by certified mail but will always be in writing.

Follow-up inspections will be conducted by the Housing Department to determine compliance.

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