When the judgment has been announced by the Court, you will be directed to the seats in the front of the Courtroom, and then escorted by the Bailiff to the Clerks office where fines are paid.

There is no provision for paying fines in installments without specific court approval. If it is necessary for you to seek financial assistance, you will be extended the courtesy of a phone call.

Fines are not imposed in an effort to raise money, but to remind drivers of the hazards of improper driving. Your legislators are the lawmakers and they have adopted the fine system. Neither the Magistrate, the Police Officer, or the Clerk make the laws, nor do they receive any part of the fine. All fines and costs are paid over to the City Treasury.

Waiver Schedule

Code SectionViolationFine*
404.02 MMResisting an enforcing official (traffic)$70.00
412.01 MMPlacing injurious material or obstruction on street$50.00
414.01 MMObedience to traffic control device$25.00
414.03 MMTraffic control signal terms and lights$25.00
414.08(a)(2) MMDriving on fresh paint$25.00
414.09 MMRight turn on red prohibited$25.00
414.095 MMLeft turns prohibited$25.00
414.13MMTraveling upon or around a closed roadway$70.00
416.03 MMRight-of-way yielded by pedestrian; crossing roadways (jaywalking)$25.00
416.05 MMWalking on sidewalks and streets$20.00
416.09 MMRight-of-way on sidewalks (Failure to yield to a pedestrian)$40.00
416.10 MMIntoxication (ped. on roadway)$60.00
432.01 MMDriving upon right side of roadway$25.00
432.03 MMOvertaking, passing to left; driver’s duties$70.00
432.04 MMOvertaking, passing to right of vehicle$25.00
432.05 MMOvertaking, passing to left of centerline$25.00
432.06 MMDriving upon left side of roadway (Cross yellow line)$70.00
432.07 MMHazardous or no passing zones$70.00
432.08 MMDriving within lanes or continuous lines of traffic (Lane straddling)$25.00
432.09 MMFollowing too closely$60.00
432.10 MMTurning at intersections$25.00
432.11 MMU-turns restricted$25.00
432.12 MMStarting and backing vehicles$25.00
432.13 MMSignals before changing course, turning or stopping Change of course (sig. turns)$25.00
432.14 MMHand and arm signals$25.00
432.15 MMRight-of-way at intersections$25.00
432.16 MMRight-of-way when turning left$25.00
432.17 MMOperation of vehicle at stop and yield signs$25.00
432.19 MMRight-of-way of public safety or coroner’s vehicle$150.00
432.20 MMRight-of-way at private driveway, alley, or building$25.00
432.21 MMRight-of-way of funeral processions (Cross funeral procession)$70.00
432.22 MMDriving upon sidewalks, tree lawns or curbs$25.00
432.23 MMDriver’s view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons (Obstructed view)$70.00
432.25 MMFollowing, and parking near emergency or safety vehicles$100.00
432.26 MMDriving over fire hose$100.00
432.28 MMOne way streets and rotary traffic islands$25.00
432.29 MMDriving upon divided roadways (Cross divided highway)$70.00
432.34 MMObstructing intersections, crosswalks or grade crossings$50.00
432.35 MMPeeling$70.00
432.36 MMShortcutting across private property$30.00
432.37 MMWeaving$40.00
432.39 MMLittering from motor vehicles$70.00
432.40 MMUse of earphones while driving$25.00
434.02(a) MMReckless operation (public)-on streets or highways$70.00
434.02(b) MMReckless operation (private)-other than streets or highways$70.00
434.025 MMReasonable control$50.00
434.03 MMMaximum speed limits:
1) Not more than 15 above limit$40.00
2) From 16-20 above limit$50.00
3) From 21-25 above limit$90.00
4) More than 25 above limit – Not waiverable
5) Speeding in a school zone – Not waiverable
434.04 MMSlow speed; posted minimum speeds$10.00
436.01(g) MMNo Operator’s License or expired/Motorcycle endorsement or expired
1) Dismissed if proof shown of valid Operator’s License or Motorcycle Endorsement at time of citation
2) within 1-7 days of expiration$10.00
3) within 8-30 days of expiration$15.00
4) within 31-90 days of expiration$20.00
436.09 MMDisplay of license plates; registration; obstructions$15.00
438.01 MMDriving unsafe vehicles$50.00
438.02 MMLighted lights; measurement of distances and heights$20.00
438.03 MMHeadlights on motor vehicles and motorcycles (Two headlights (MV) one headlight (MC))$20.00
438.04 MMTail light illumination of rear license plate (lic. plate light)$20.00
438.08 MMRed light or red flag on extended loads$25.00
438.09 MMLights on parked vehicle or stopped vehicles$25.00
438.10 MMLights and emblem on slow moving vehicles; lights and reflectors on multi-wheel 
 agricultural tractors or farm machinery (Lights/emblem on slow moving vehicle)
438.11 MMSpotlight and auxiliary lights$25.00
438.12 MMCowl, fender and backup lights$20.00
438.13 MMTwo lights displayed$20.00
438.14 MMUse of headlight beams$25.00
438.15 MMLights of less intensity on slow-moving vehicles$25.00
438.16 MMNumber of lights permitted; red and flashing lights$25.00
438.17 MMFocus and aim of headlights$25.00
438.18 MMMotor vehicle and motorcycle brakes (Brakes (438.18(a) emerg. brakes))$60.00
438.19 MMHorn, siren and theft alarm signal$40.00
438.20 MMMuffler; muffler cutout; excessive smoke, gas or noise$40.00
438.21 MMRear-view mirror, clear view to front, both sides and rear$25.00
438.22 MMWindshield required; sign or poster upon windshield; windshield wiper$25.00
438.225 MMTinted glass; material(s) on glass$65.00
438.23 MMLimited load extension on left side of passenger vehicle$25.00
438.24 MMMotor vehicle stop lights$25.00
438.25 MMBumpers$20.00
438.27 MMUse of child restraints$40.00
440.03 MMWheel protectors$25.00
440.05 MMTowing requirements; exception to size and weight restrictions$25.00
440.06 MMLoads dropping, leaking or shifting; tracking mud; removal required (Leaking loads)$20.00
452.01 MMProhibition against parking on streets or highways$100.00
452.02 MMPolice may remove illegally parked vehicle$70.00
452.06 MMUnattended vehicles; duty to lock ignition, remove key, set brake, etc.$50.00
452.09 MMParking areas for handicapped persons (Handicapped parking)$250.00
474.02 MMRiding upon seat; carrying packages, motorcycle handlebars; helmets and glasses$25.00
474.04 MMRiding on right side of roadway; riding abreast$20.00
474.05 MMLights, signal devices, brakes on bicycles$20.00
474.06 MMRiding bicycles upon sidewalks$20.00
474.07 MMSafe riding regulations for bicycles$20.00
474.08 MMParking; locks$20.00
474.11 MMOperation of motorized bicycles (Mopeds)$40.00
4513.263 MM
Occupant restraining devices
Seatbelt - driver$30.00
Seatbelt - passenger$20.00
854.01 MMLicense required; term (Snow plow license required)$50.00

*Fine excludes applicable court costs and fees.