Detective Bureau

Fairlawn Police Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau of the Fairlawn Police Department is currently staffed by one sergeant and one detective. The officers who work in the Detective Bureau are both former patrol officers who have been assigned to their positions by the Chief of Police. The sergeant in the Detective Bureau is responsible for the scheduling and day-to-day operations of the unit. He reports directly to the Field Services Lieutenant.

Primary functions of the Detective Bureau include:

  • Conducting investigations of unsolved crimes.
  • Processing of major crime scenes.
  • Recovery, custody, and maintenance of evidence.
  • Background investigations of applicants of both the Police and Communications Divisions.
  • Conducting internal investigations.
  • Processing of state and federal forfeitures.

Officers Currently Assigned to the Detective Bureau

To speak with a member of the Detective Bureau, you can call them directly at the numbers listed below or by calling (330) 670-4300.

  • Detective Sergeant Zachary Honaker    330-670-4309
  • Detective Brandon Foster                       330-670-4311