Questions and Answers

Questions Answered by the Builders

Will Drees homes have a basement?

How many total homes will be built in total project?
385 total.

Have any specific realtors been selected to sell properties?

Are you homes green energy? All electric homes?
Homes will be serviced by electric and gas. Each builder will determine which appliances are gas or electric.

How are the Communities prioritized for initial construction?
It is anticipated that all Communities will commence construction as soon as possible in 2021.

Power lines underground or above ground for all homes?
Electric power will be underground.

Will all the Builders put 220 electric in garages for electric cars?
All homes will have conduit installed for 220 electric to the garages for electric cars. The owner can elect to have the wiring installed.

Prices for the Retreat?
Starting in the $300’s. Probably averaging around $450,000.

What year do you expect the units closest to Westwood Village Condominiums to be built?
2024 or 2025 depending on sales

I’m disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be an affordable single family home option for a young family. Are there any plans for an affordable single family home for a young family?

The pricing for the Links starts at the upper $200,000’s.

Which of the developments will require the homeowner to call flood insurance?
We anticipate that no home will require flood insurance, but this will be subject to final engineering.

We’ve lived in Fairlawn for 15 years - was looking forward to moving our family into a new home here. Not many options other than townhomes, 55+, and large scale homes. What’s the reason for not having a variety of home sizes in the 300s-400s.
The Links will start in the upper $200,000’s and the Crossings will start in the lower to mid $300,000’s. The Crossings starting in the $300’s. Probably averaging around $450,000. The Reserve will start in the upper $400,000’s.

What will the costs of the HOAs?
Each Builder will determine the cost for HOA dues and maintenance, at the time of construction. Since this will be all new construction, it is anticipated that the costs will be reasonable.

Can one add a bedroom for the two Bedroom cluster homes in the Retreat?
Yes, at extra cost.

How many apartments in the mixed use? Size?
Approximately 50 apartments, averaging around a 1,000 sq ft each. This is still in the planning stage.

How many children do you anticipate that this will add to Copley Fairlawn Schools, and what elementary school district will be most impacted?
We cannot estimate how many children will be enrolled in public schools at this time. The impact is expected to be relatively small given the type of housing and the likely buyers. The school district would decide how to allocate new students to the elementary schools.

The existing club house is located at a higher elevation than proposed Crossing and Reserve areas. What is your intention related to addressing this difference in elevation? i.e. retaining walls etc.
Final elevations have yet to be engineered.

How about options for solar?
Solar may be added by each homeowner after construction, subject to Fairlawn zoning.

Will the ponds be aerated? (fountains).

This is for any/every developer: Most of these homes seem to be geared towards attracting seniors. Considering similar building projects in Northeast Ohio, how many seniors/retirement age persons actually purchased homes in your developments? $300K starting is a steep price point for many older Americans, and it is certainly a steep price point for many younger persons in the housing market. Akron and its surrounding suburbs have a much different demographic than Cleveland suburbs such as Shaker Heights.
Pricing for new homes will start in the upper $200,000. We feel that for someone interested in new construction, there will be a great selection of housing product for any homebuyer seeking to purchase new construction.

Do the Drees homes include the basement or is it optional?
Basements are included in the Drees homes.

For the townhome communities, what will the backyards be like?
The backyards will vary depending on the location.

Will Drees homes price of $600’s include the lot?
The Drees single family homes in the Reserve will start in the upper $400,000’s and will include the lot.


Since power lines will remain, should not be any study done on the health effect of electric and magnetic fields, considering a high population density?
The risks from the power lines in the new development, if any, will be no different than those in the already existing residences in the City that are located near the power lines.  Anyone purchasing one of the units near the power lines will obviously be aware of the proximity and must make their own determination as to any risks before purchasing.

Should not the city of Fairlawn request "No rent" requirement in the Links condominium bylaws? Residents of Westwood Village would very much want this.
The housing units in each residential neighborhood in the Rosemont Greens development will be sold to individual owners.  The units will be sold as fee simple ownership just as most homes are held in the City.  They will not be marketed as apartments.  Each Individual neighborhood will have its own homeowners association with their own HOA bylaws and will have the opportunity to address rentals within those rules. 

Rosemont Green In general, we feel that the housing density is too great, based on the flood plain issue that exists. In addition, the largest concentration of units (2 and 3 story townhouses) is located in the NE section of the project. The setback on the drawings shows a 40- foot set back from Westwood Village where we live at 171 Court Dr. It appears that all other areas of the project that border other residential properties have large areas of open space between their properties and the proposed housing. We would ask that the city request that their open space be continued along the eastern boundary of the project or that the setback be increased equal to the average setback that open space on the project drawings show. We also would ask that the Homeowner’s Association Rules and Regulations contain language that does not permit owner the lease their units without proof of a hardship.
The units on the eastern lot line bordering with Westwood Village have been located as far west as possible given the restraints of the easement for the high-tension power lines.  The housing units in each residential neighborhood in the Rosemont Greens development will be sold to individual owners.  They will not be marketed as apartments.  Each Individual neighborhood will have its own homeowners association with their own HOA bylaws and will have the opportunity to address rentals within those rules. 

Townhouses encourage more rental properties & less families staying in Fairlawn - why is this the direction the city wants to take the community?
It does not appear that adding townhouses will encourage less families to stay in Fairlawn.  Rental properties are not anticipated in any of the four proposed residential developments.  Moreover, it is the developers and not the City that have determined the economic feasibility of building and selling the various dwelling units in the residential neighborhoods.  The four proposed residential neighborhoods will offer a variety of different types of housing units.  

What is the reasoning behind two townhouse developments as opposed to a development of single-family homes? We would love to stay in Fairlawn & build but a townhouse isn’t conducive to a growing family?
There will be traditional single-family homes constructed in the Reserve and smaller individual houses constructed in the Retreat.  This will provide plenty of opportunity for persons who want to stay in Fairlawn in such a dwelling.  The proposed development will also provide options for others who are seeking different types of housing.  And the developers have indicated that there are many people looking for those types of housing.


We reside on Bancroft Rd and Elgin Dr. Since the Cleve-Mass construction traffic has increased. It seems with all the new developments this will continue. Is there anyway residents can petition for sidewalks on Bancroft Rd between Elgin and W. Market?
Yes, residents may petition for sidewalks pursuant to Fairlawn Codified Ordinance sections 120.06 and 1020.07.

How does this project improve multimodal transportation, specifically connecting these and existing neighborhoods to the Fairlawn business district? How does this project Fairlawn’s climate action plan? How do surrounding neighborhoods connect to the new nature preserve proposed? Is the Cleveland Massillon investment able to support a net improvement in transportation and traffic, now that this added development is proposed? Is the city expanding the facilities (parks n rec?) department charged with green space in the city? Are the homes in the neighborhoods proposed using advanced energy or are they being made connection ready?
The widening of Cleveland-Massillon Rd. currently underway will improve the flow of traffic through the corridor. Also, a bike and hike trail is being constructed along the east side of Cleveland-Massillon Road in the project area. The conservation area will be accessible from the new trails along Cleveland-Massillon Road, as well as from Bicentennial Park. Additional staffing in the Parks & Recreation Department will not be required as the new conservation area will be designed solely for passive use such as hiking. Each neighborhood will be serviced with standard utility connections.

Will you be using native trees in your green plan?

What happens if the proposed companies fail to complete the work, or sell their rights to another company?
The project will be constructed in phases with the pace determined by sales. If a developer chooses to sell, the design standards approved with the PUD will remain in effect for subsequent developers


Statement from the City

Many of the questions submitted center around the storm water quantity from the new subdivisions within the development, what follows is an explanation to storm water detention that will address many of the questions.

The City is very mindful of the importance of storm water control with any new development. Rosemont Greens development is unique in that it will allow the City to improve the storm water drainage for the whole community, not just the newly developed area.

Storm water retention ponds are designed to accept water through the storm water system from the newly developed property that would have soaked into the ground or flowed in the creeks before the development. Once the storm water retention pond stores the storm water it is released through an engineered structure at a rate equal to the release before the development occurs.

The standards for storm water retention have been put in place by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers, these standards have been adopted by Summit County and the City of Fairlawn for all new retention/detention ponds. In the City of Fairlawn, all review and inspection is a government function done by our City Engineer to control the process. The City realizes that storm water retention/detention is vital to our community which is why engineering review and inspection is performed by our engineer.

Once our engineer reviews and approves plans for a subdivision, inspection of the construction of the storm water retention/detention occurs by our engineer and construction inspectors. Inspection is daily with a monthly report addressing the construction efforts. When the retention/detention pond is constructed, approved, and functioning, inspection will be on a monthly basis for the 3 - year maintenance period. At the end of the maintenance period, if finally approved, then inspection will be on an as needed basis.

The developer of the Rosemont Greens project proposes giving 62 acres of land to the City. This will allow the City to not only preserve the open space, but also to improve the storm water drainage for the surrounding area. The City plans to use tax increment financing on the project to provide several million dollars to improve the Schocalog Creek drainage area. The improvements to the Preserve and Schocalog Creek area will consist of small retention areas, creek articulations, and ripples to improve not only the water quantity, but the water quality as well. The existing creek has needed water quality for many years, and we are excited to improve the ecology of the creek for the future. These improvements will also include more storage of storm water in heavy events, helping with some of the issues that Westwood Village and the surrounding areas have previously faced.

Storm Water Management

Please explain storm water management plans.
Please see statement from City above

Who will maintain the floodplain area?
The City will maintain property within the Preserve and the individual HOAs will be responsible for property within their common areas.

Please discuss the storm water pond behind the homes on Spyglass and Rosemont.
Please see statement from City above

How much of the Preserve is now wetlands?
The preserve will be engineered once owned and wetland calculation will occur at that time.

What about the storm water/retention POND/LAKE behind Spyglass Drive-what is the purpose of that?
Please see statement from City above

Will there be any changes to the water inflow for the water retention pond at 3633 Rosemont Blvd.?

Will pervious concrete be used to reduce runoff?

Timeline around the expansion of the creek?
3-7 years

What improvements are you doing to the stream? Is the overflow going to stay as it is or will there be elevation changes?
Please see statement from City above

How close to the property line with Westwood Village will the retention ponds be?
Minimum of 30 feet

Does the Army Corps of Engineers have to approve creek work?
Has that been done? Approvals from both the U.S Army Corps and the EPA will be required as well as the issuance of a National Permit. This has not been done yet.

Will the current wetland be preserved? Have the Ohio EPA and U. S. Army Corps of Engineers been consulted about the current wetland and possible changes to it?
Yes. See above answer

How deep do you think Schocalog creek will be once work has been completed?
The improvements within the Preserve have not yet been engineered

The “Creek Overflow Meadow” on the far north and east end of the plan is a higher elevation than the surrounding area which is not conductive to serving as an overflow area. 
Please clarify.

Will more water flow to the creek behind the homes on Bancroft?
Please see statement from City above

All of the retention ponds will need overflow drains. Will there be drainage pipes installed from each pond to the creek?
The official design of each retention pond will be done by the subdivisions, this is a concept. The City will review once detailed plans are submitted and will require best methods possible for the outlets of the retention ponds.

Across the creek from my home is a wildlife preserve area. Will this be maintained or destroyed?
How exactly will the creek be maintained? Please see statement from City above

Traffic/Construction Traffic

Will there be a traffic study for impact at intersection of Elgin and Cleveland-Massillon?
A traffic impact Study has been conducted for the entire project and is being reviewed by the City’s traffic engineer.

Will sidewalk amenity be planned for other established neighborhoods?
Not at this time

Will Rosemont Blvd be opened back up to Rothrock Rd to help with the additional traffic?

Where will the construction access be for The Crossings and The Reserve portion of the project? Will it be from Rothrock Road or Rosemont Boulevard? What SWPPP controls will be put in place? I am specifically concerned about trackout. Who will enforce trackout so that the residents and more importantly the environment does not have to deal with mud slurry and runoff?
The construction of the Crossings and the Reserve will use both Rothrock Rd and Rosemont Blvd. During the first phase, the intent is to have roadway and utility infrastructure construction traffic use Rothrock Rd. The home building will use Rosemont Blvd. Trackout will be inspected by both the Department of Public Service and the Engineering Department, both of whom are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the roads. The subdivisions will be responsible for a SWPPP and bond to the City as a guarantee that the SWPPP will be accomplished.

With Cleveland-Massillon under construction, what roads will the construction vehicles be using to access these developments?
The roads used for the construction of the subdivisions Cleveland Massillon Rd, Rosemont Blvd., and Rothrock Rd.

How do all these projects impact the construction on Cleveland-Massillon Road?
There will be no impact to the Cleveland-Massillon Rd. construction project


Will this development be contingent upon a vote of the city residents?

About the houses with entrance from Rosemont Blvd. will building requirement be the same as Rosemont Ridge?
No. Each neighborhood will have its own design criteria that will be approved as part of the PUD rezoning

Has there been any decision about keeping the pool for the Rosemont development?
The pool, as well as the clubhouse, will be removed

The literature stated that there will be no more than 3 residences per acre. Does the overall acreage for this figure include the green space and wetland areas, or just the buildable area?
How will this be enforced? The density of the entire Project was calculated using all 148.8 acres Inclusive of open space. This will be enforced when the subdivisions are platted in accordance with the approved Final Development Plan

Fairlawn is so loud due to expressway and traffic noise. What soundproofing levels will be standard in each new neighborhood and any sound barriers outdoors?
There are no sound barriers planned

Will the Preserves be accessible from surrounding neighborhoods such as from Elgin or Bancroft?
The preserve will be accessible from the new walking trails to be installed along Cleveland-Massillon Rd.

What percent of the trees east of Cleveland-Massillon Rd will remain? What is the legal distance between the power lines and a house?
The City will make an effort to retain as many healthy trees as possible within the Preserve. Emerald ash bore has damaged many of the existing trees. Structures may not be built within the overhead power line easement.

Have you considered making the paths accessible to golf carts or making these golf cart communities?
Golf carts would not be permitted on City property. In neighborhoods with private streets, that decision will be left to the individual HOAs

Infrastructure - what changes will be made to things like the police force, fire department, compactor, trash, utilities, etc.?
The City has the capacity to serve the additional development.

What is the sewer and water capacity?
The City has the capacity to serve the additional development.

Will the Reserve housing be able to join the Rosemont Ridge HOA?
The reserve will have its own HOA

Any thoughts/discussion regarding adding a natural barrier between The Retreat and Elgin?
I noticed there is tentatively a natural barrier between The Links and the Westwood Village Condos? The improvements within the Preserve have not yet been engineered. The plans presented are conceptual

Will utility lines be above or below ground?

Are there access points via parking lots to the walking trails for Fairlawn residents other than Bicentennial Park?

Does the city have plans to update the commercial areas in Montrose to keep up with the integrity of the new homes? Specifically anchored by the movie theatre and Home Depot and possibly updating some of the large unused parking areas as green space?
The area referred to is within Copley Township and outside of the City’s jurisdiction

The unit density of these developments greatly exceed that of any surrounding neighborhood. This will have significant impact on traffic on not just Cleve Mass, but on Elgin and 18 among other things. How is it appropriate to build such a dense development between already established neighborhoods and a major shopping plaza?
The density (calculated as units/acre) of each individual neighborhood is comparable if not less than the density of the adjacent communities

Did I hear correctly that the Rosemont Preserve grass will not be maintained?
So Rosemont homes will now be looking on a field? The Preserve will be restored to a natural state with mowing occurring along walking paths

When will the work on the Preserve be done relative to the housing developments?
Housing development could commence within a year. The Preserve could be completed within 3-7 years

The existing power lines will remain, correct?

Will there also be natural gas into these for those who prefer gas appliances?

Any walls or mounds added to block out exterior businesses?
Any mounding and landscaping will be addressed prior to final approval

Will you be able to see high tension wires from the Retreat?

When will Fairlawn City be developing the plan for the preserve? It seems that should be done BEFORE development is approved.
The improvements within the Preserve have not yet been engineered. The plans presented are conceptual

How many parking spots at bicentennial park?
72 Parking Spaces

Will public parking be increased at Bicentennial park to accommodate people who want to access the trail?
Not at this time

Regarding noise, and being able to enjoy the outdoors in summer in these beautiful new homes, any design or city noise restrictions requirements on decibels for AC units?
The City currently has an excessive noise ordinance

What about the beavers and coyotes, will they be left alone in the Preserve? With all this standing water in these water retention ponds are you going to spray for bugs?
The Preserve will be a natural area for passive use. Spraying for mosquitoes will be done by both Summit County Health Dept and the City of Fairlawn Department of Public Service.