The Fairlawn Fire Department is a well-equipped, highly respected and a very proactive fire department. The department operates within budget to provide world class services to our city residents, businesses, and guests visiting our vibrant city. 

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood pressure screening

The Fairlawn Fire Department offers blood pressure screening during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Blood pressure screening is done at the fire station located at 3525 South Smith Road.

Station Tours

The Fairlawn Fire Department offers station tours and by appointment and can provide personnel to visit your organization to present a short information session on fire and life safety. The Fairlawn Fire Department is dedicated to keep our community safe from the perils and hazards of fire emergencies. One way to accomplish this task is to educate the citizens of our community through informative programs such as station tours and providing guest speakers. To schedule a station tour please contact (330)668-9540.

Carbon Monoxide

Today, many homes and buildings are constructed with energy conservation in mind. Doors and windows seal tighter and insulation has improved to help maintain an efficient climate-controlled environment. However, there are instances when appliances, such as home-heatingCarbon Monoxide Detector furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces, which burn wood or hydrocarbon products for fuel, may produce carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas by-product of combustion which can be harmful to the health and welfare of the building occupant.

The Fairlawn Fire Department urges everyone to purchase a CO detector for your home or business. They are available at most home improvement, household goods, or discount stores. And, like smoke detectors, make sure you change the battery twice a year. A convenient time to place new batteries in your smoke or CO detector is at the time change which occurs in March and November.

If you suspect CO, evacuate the structure immediately and call 9-1-1. The Fairlawn Fire Department will check for CO using state-of-the-art meters designed to read the smallest amount of CO. In addition, the Fire Department will leave a loaner CO detector on your premises for up to 24-hours to help determine if any CO is present in your building. For more information contact us at (330) 668-9540.