Compactor Rules


  • Follow all instructions from all monitors
  • All permissible waste that will fit in the chamber can be placed into the compactor
  • Brush (tree or brush limbs and branches) MUST be deposited in front of the 40 yard dumpster located east of the compactor

The following items CANNOT be placed in the compactor:

  • Tires, batteries, or large automotive parts
  • Syringes with needles or any smaller instrument cannot be put in the compactor even if placed in an approved "Sharps" container
  • Appliances containing Freon (i.e. refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.)
  • Flammable and/or combustible materials
  • Liquids - including lubricants, oils and solvents
  • Oil based paint and/or paint cans
  • Hot or burning materials from wood burning stoves or fireplaces
  • Poisons or hazardous waste
  • Construction or demolition materials