User Requirements

  • Patrons must be a Fairlawn resident and have a valid decal
  • Decal must be permanently affixed to the lower right-hand corner - on the inside of the windshield (passenger side)
  • Commercial trucks / vans and non-authorized vehicles used for private business are prohibited
  • U-Haul vehicles, landscaping companies, waste-hauling companies, etc., are prohibited
  • Businesses are not permitted to utilize the compactor / recycling facility
  • No person is permitted to dump rubbish generated by a business in the compactor or recycle bins
  • Emptying or shaking bags for reuse is prohibited when two (2) or more cars are behind you
  • Patrons are not permitted to share a decal with another person or dump another person's rubbish

To Obtain a Compactor Decal

  • Please go to "News and Announcements" on the front page of our website.  Click on "Compactor Decal Registration" for instructions and link to the registration form.  Once submitted, your request will be processed by our Service Department and your decal(s) will be mailed to your home.  
  • While you are waiting for your decal to arrive in the mail, you are able to use our compactor/recycling facility by providing proof of residency with one of the following items should one of our monitors ask:  Driver's license showing a Fairlawn address, closing papers/lease agreement, or a utility bill that shows your name at your Fairlawn address.  Please contact the Service Department at 330-668-9550 with any questions.