RHAB History

Residential Housing Reimbursement Program

On December 20, 2004, Fairlawn City Council passed Ordinance 2004-085S creating the Residential Flood Prevention Advisory Board. This decision was made after recognizing that the strategic implementation of water control devices on private residential property will benefit both property owners and the City of Fairlawn in their efforts to manage stormwater and wastewater.  

Later in 2009, Council passed Ordinance 2009-006 which changed the name of this Board to the Residential Housing Assistance Board, as it is known today.  

In order to better serve the goals of the program, City Council passed Ordinance 2022-042A on November 21, 2022, which updated the program to allow residents to apply for reimbursement for the installation of certain electrical equipment or devices.  This program has been and continues to be a benefit to the City and its residents in its attempt to prevent future stormwater damage.

Residential Housing Rehabilitation Financial Assistance Program
On February 23, 2009, City Council approved Ordinance 2009-008A which established the Residential Housing Rehabilitation Financial Assistance Program. This initiative was designed to offer financial assistance loans to low-income individuals and families to help preserve the City’s housing stock and combat suburban deterioration.